Power electronics

Power electronics

Ricardo provides complete ‘turn-key’ solutions for power electronics, from DC-DC Converters to motor inverters for motor drives be they full traction machines or small electric pump driving HVAC, Power Steering, Brake assistance or other ancillary units. In addition Ricardo are involved in research and development activities in the fields of parallel device gate drives and wide-band-gap devices for power converters and charging systems be they on or off board, up to high power (350kW).

Through the expertise of our staff and our network of technology partners, we are able to offer the right technology for each application. We take a holistic approach to system optimisation, and through the use of our development tools have full capability to deliver a complete system from a blank sheet. 

Power electronics design, simulation & development testing

  • Circuit simulation and design
  • Mechanical and thermal analysis
  • Control software development
  • Prototyping and design for manufacture
  • Rapid prototyping facilities
  • Design for series production
  • Support to manufacturing (SOP)
  • Test and validation
  • EMC testing
  • Thermal and mechanical testing
  • Performance and efficiency validation

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

By using advanced design software and methodology Ricardo are able to provide our clients with optimised electrical and thermal designs that enable bespoke high power, volumetric and gravimetric density solutions.

  • By applying parallel device gate drives and optimized switching patterns, Ricardo can deliver fully integrated, compact and robust designs for the automotive industry
  • By using wide-band-gap devices, enabling high power density and high-efficiency power transfer, combined with a deep understanding of the development and manufacturing processes, we ensure we can support our clients in developing product from prototype through to mass production
  • Our teams engineering experience, facilities and software tools enable them to deliver highly efficient, cost effective power electronic solutions for electrified vehicles that have the potential to meet and exceed client expectations