rCube2 is user ready rapid prototyping electronic control unit (ECU) based on AUTOSAR that enables fast and efficient development of control systems from initial concept to production. The system has been successfully used on a number of projects including diesel/gasoline/CNG engines, transmission, hybrid powertrain control, as well as real-time 1-D gas dynamics engine model integration (WAVE-RT) into an engine control strategy.

Ricardo rCube2 rapid prototyping

Key features

  • Modular platform with 2 Input/Output expansion modules
  • Two 32 bit Infineon processors
  • Robust packaging for in-vehicle use
  • LEMO® connectors
  • Compatible with 12 V and 24 V
  • CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, LIN and RS232
  • Automotive specific inputs and outputs
  • AUTOSAR with Simulink® integration
  • OneClickBuild process from Simulink® interface
  • XCP over Ethernet or CAN
  • Multi-rCube2 networking support

rCube2 documents

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