Single-cylinder research engines

Single-cylinder research engines

The Ricardo range of advanced research engines has been used by engineers, researchers and students globally for over 100 years. This versatile product range is ideal for component and product development. Ricardo advanced research engines are equally suited to combustion system studies, advanced research and for use as an educational tool.

Ricardo offers a .5ltr displacement single cylinder research engine for the automotive sector, known as Hydra.

Our Hydra single-cylinder engine products are being used worldwide with over 180 products in the market place, as show in the map below.

Hydra single-cylinder engine products are being used worldwide.

Optical products

Ricardo has over 60 years of experience of in-cylinder photography in both diesel, gasoline and alternative fuels. Various techniques have been employed in this work and considerable expertise has been developed giving valuable insights and increased understanding of air motion, fuel spray behaviour and fuel quality criteria.

Optical research video

Future products

In order to maintain our leading edge, we review and update our designs to meet customer expectations and the needs of the future. Our policy of continuous development and the monitoring of ever-changing requirements, for example higher cylinder pressures, means you can be sure the right products will be available from Ricardo.


In addition to the supply of standard and custom hardware, a wide range of services can be provided to assist testing operations for the single cylinder engine including:

  • Spares availability assured for past, current and future specifications
  • Supply of conversion kits
  • Supply of test stands and test equipment
  • Full suite of training courses to support clients single cylinder training needs

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