Design & analysis

Design & analysis

Engine design and analysis

We have a global community of over 800 specialist engineers providing designs for full engines or individual components. The projects we support range from performance upgrades through to multi-phase design programs for new high-volume-production engine families.

Ricardo’s world-class engine design and analysis capability has been used in the development of a significant number of engines of all types and sizes that are currently in production and commercially successful in their respective markets. The projects we carry out can range from minor upgrades for performance or emissions through to multi-phase design programs for completely new high volume production engine families.

A world-leader in engine design & analysis:

  • Feasibility studies including market and competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Class-leading fuel economy, cost, friction, weight designed into the base engine from the earliest stages
  • Engines designed to be integral to advanced and hybridised powertrains and vehicles
  • Concept studies to assess technical and commercial cost attributes of alternative solutions
  • Definitive design including extensive CAE optimisation using both industry standard codes and our own advanced software products which can also be licensed by customers
  • Designs developed for production using design for manufacture and assembly techniques, including detailed cost analysis and full design optimisation of components and sub-systems
  • Cost reduction studies to optimise the commercial return of existing product ranges
  • Assessment and development of novel engine design concepts